In this video we will talk through some cool games that we found when playing Rec Room. These are just our opinion, please leave your favourites in the comments section so we and others can check them out! We state 5 games but there are actually quite a few more in the vid (we counted the Parkour ones together as well!). MASSIVE thanks to Jesse for helping us to pull this vid together, top work!

We played on the Oculus Quest 2 but there is a wide choice of platforms for you to enjoy. You can check out all of the experience names in the timestamps below, thanks!

00:00 – Intro
00:10 – What is Rec Room?
01:17 – Game give away news!
01:32 – ^CabeezeWaterPark by DABEEZNEEZ
02:35 – ^Diagon_Alley by Ironmeg
03:45 – ^SpiritedAway by Noctauto
04:36 – ^MulticolorParkourRR by Reelix_
05:11 – ^BlueParkourRR by bloo-animation
05:41 – ^RecrockClimbing by TheSharkBoi
06:48 – ^DoctorWho-TARDIS by TonicVR

– Jesse – vid footage, consultancy and thumbnail!
-Save-Persistent Farm! Featured Rooms Week of August 24th! – Rec Room (Youtube channel)
– + all the creators and the FANTASTIC community!
– Pixabay (Sinepax)
– Why Make Trillions When We Can Make Billions? – MrSilvestris – (Youtube channel)
– Epidemic Sounds

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