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On my channel I mostly just vlog or just do random stuff tbh.. I dont steal personalities from anyone, I be myself, I could care less about hate lol, my name is Olaaneese you guys can call me L or Ash (like the names better lol) I’m going into ice skating ⛸ now , and I just quit Gymnsatics like 6 months ago, PLEASE WEAR YOUR MASK thank you. if u don’t.. you are happily to unsubscribe to my channel if you support homophobic and/or racist people shut up.. wear a mask. Don’t be a karen.. and get out of my are not welcome here and will never be.. learn to education yourself on basic things

Supporters: Thank you guys so much , you guys are my everything.. it may not seem like it but you guys rlly are, I’m sorry if I’m not active on discord, YouTube, Instagram IM SORRY it’s just some ( ⚠️ cuss word ⚠️ ) $h¡t has happen in my life but thank you for being there stay safe
– love ya bestie

How old are you – I’m 11
What’s your Roblox username- Tumble1089
Religion: catholic
Birthday: July 30th
Fans/ supporters: y’all are pretty 😩🙏
For my haters : I could care less about what u think keep hating idc ( thanks for giving me money )

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