Cool games for kids

Do you want to keep your child happily occupied? In such a case, you might be looking for cool games for kids. Here we provide some ideas and explain the rules of these engaging online activities.

Lego kids

This game is easy to find on the official Lego website. You can launch it without additional equipment or plugins. Just click on the icon and start.

Also, there you’ll see a lot of different genres of games. Racing, puzzles, and platforming are all there. So you can choose the one that your child prefers the most.

Lego kids

Other cool games for kids

Lego is an extremely popular brand, so many kids around the world enjoy playing it. However, there are some other interesting examples. Let’s take a look at them below.

Super Bomberman R

Once popular in the 90s, it’s back now for modern consoles. Bomberman is a great choice for active children because it’s dynamic and driving.

It allows up to four users to play solo or local multiplayer. However, the online mode is where the process becomes really interesting. There you can participate in matches consisting of eight players.

Rocket League

This is not a standard one, for sure. Rocket League is for kids that are bored with typical games and want something new.

Here you play soccer and enjoy racing at the same time. Players can drive different vehicles on an open sports field. The objective is to smash the huge ball into the goal using your car.

It’s a fresh concept, but it has already gained popularity among users. And we recommend you try it out, too.


Children constantly need attention. So cool games for kids are a smart and fun way to occupy them. Find the one with engaging features and enjoy free time for yourself. Play the Super Nintendo Emulator Games Now at