A clip from Cool Games & Fun Warm-ups

Are you interested in raising morale? Raising income? Creating excitement in your programs? Boosting attendance and retention? Here are “tried-and-true” methods to make your gym one of the happiest places ever!


These two DVDs features games and fun activities for warm-up, conditioning, skill development and more, with choices for all age groups. Disk 1 will focus on “General Use” activities that can be used for any situation.

Disk 2 features “advanced” activities that can be used to spice up conditioning, develop skills and have a ton of fun doing it! It includes lots of group activities and “skill-specific” ideas.

Presented By:
Dave Adlard
Directed By:
Tom Beach
TRB Design, Inc.
Run Time:
94 minutes (2 disk set)
Recreational Gymnastics — For the Gym
Release Date:
July 2008