Incremancer is still in development and receiving updates, so as much as I wanted to continue in this I decided to stop eventually (around level 40 was when I completed all the upgrades, and only took me a few hours) that being said if you wanna check it out here’s the link:

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The tools I’m using can be found in these links!

Movie Maker: (currently using: need to upgrade PC to use alternative)

Open Broadcaster Software:

For making thumbnails and other general images check out Photoscape X here –

Easy way to make video outros! – (it costs money, not expensive but something worth considering; Not currently using)

Record and edit your voice! –

For the more highly edited videos I’m using Resolve! –

Shoutout to Nintendo and everyone else who makes music covers that are free to use, you all do amazing work and I’m proud to showcase them in my content and provide artist names below.

FatRat, Triple-Q, GilvaSunner, Qumu, FamilyJules, ToxicXEternity, Johnny Music, insaneintherain, Patti Rudisill, GaMetal, RetroSpecter, Blue Nights, Gabocarina, and SilvaGunner.
Oh don’t worry, I’ll probably find more music to use 😉