Hello, everyone.😁

Watching my video‼︎ & My channal NHS.90 #nhs90

This channel is for telling how amazing going balls🎱are and I hope you guys will enjoy it.
I will do my best to achieve the ultimate goal.👑
And maybe some other games?
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It is encouraging for me🔥🔥🔥
【Going Balls Mode List】
※ The mode is my original.
①Normal Mode
➡️We aim to make no mistakes‼️
②Pro mode
➡️I will continue to play cool.
③race mode
➡️I’m going to have a ball race.
④roulette mode
➡️Rotate the roulette.By doing so, you can perform past stages and bonus stages.
⑤exploration mode
➡️We’re going to do one performance.
⑥Binding mode
➡️e.g. Coins restriction& hands that are not dominant hand

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