Matty McTech here back with more ways to cure your boredom. Here are parts 16-30 from my TikTok Series where I show fun and entertaining websites that you need to know!

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0:00 Intro
0:25 Earth in The Future
0:45 Fun Trivia
1:07 Transform your Doodles
1:24 Celebrity Text to Voice
1:44 Find UFO Sightings
1:59 The Office Stare
2:15 Google Feud
2:34 Play Minecraft in Browser
2:51 Play Retro Video Games
3:09 Website when you are Bored
3:27 Explore Video Game Maps
3:48 Spend Elon Musks Money
4:10 Find Movie Clips with Quotes
4:27 New Windows OS
4:46 Build Legos in Browser
5:06 Outro